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How We Work

How to Start Working with RushEssayDiscountCode Company

For RushEssayDiscountCode Company to start working at your task, fill in an order form in similar section of our web site. This will provide us with necessary information regarding your assignment. After you do that, we will assign a professional writer to you who will be able to take on your task and send him your information so he can contact you and clarify the details.

Secure payment

For the writer to start working, you will have to provide us with your credit card information so we can charge you a full price for the project. All the payments are being securely processed by, so you can be sure that your payment is secure. Customer privacy is our top priority, so all of your personal information and assignment details will never be shared with any third parties.

Details Clarification

Once the money is paid, the order will be processed by the writer that has been assigned to you. If our expert needs to clarify certain details he or she will contact you. On the other hand, if you want to find out what stage your paper is at, feel free to contact your writer!


When the draft version of your essay is ready for your review, the writer will send it to you via email. Review it, make necessary corrections and send your feedback. After that the writer will work to finish your essay.

Final Copy of Your Rush Essay

The final copy of your rush essay will be emailed to you together with an essay discount code that will give you a great discount on the next assignment. It will accumulate as we will send you new personalized discount code with each order you place at